Concordia College, Inc. is an empowering Christ-centered Vincentian learning institution.


We commit to engaging the community of learners into becoming inner-directed, globally competent Vincentian leaders who journey with persons living in poverty situations and care for God’s creation.

Core Values

  1. Respect - Upholding human dignity, providing a safe learning environment through holistic development, and reverence for God's creation towards an integral ecology.
  2. Simplicity - a lifestyle that witnesses the truth, integrity, honesty, transparency in relationships, and living with real needs.
  3. Service - an expression of love, compassion, and solidarity with persons living in poverty situations though shared social resposibility, accountability, and networking.
  4. Vincentian Excellence - Having analytical, technical and social skills, inovative and crative mind resiliency, ang agility to the emerging realities.

Graduate attributes

A. Christ-Centered -

  1. Sees Christ in persons and events
  2. Makes the Eucharist and Word of God central in their Christian life
  3. Participates in the mission of Jesus
  4. Shares personal experiences of the love of Jesus in one's life
  5. Shows devotion to, and emulates Mary, Mother of Jesus
  6. Practices honesty, trust, and reliability in one's undertakings
  7. Make decisions with prayer and discernment
B. Charitable -

  1. Serves selflessly with compassion,cordiality, and gentleness
  2. Provides organized service in the spirit of volunteerism
  3. Shares talent, time, and treasure generously without expecting any return
  4. Appreciates and affirms the efforts and works of others
  5. Creates harmonious relationships by being tackful, observing proper channels of communications, and responsible use of social medial
  6. Accepts one's and other's giftedness and shortcomings in the spirit of humility
  7. Shows mindfulness and empathizes with other people's feelings and situations
C. Competent -

  1. Manifests critical and analytical stance in dealing social issues to uphold the truth
  2. Demonstrates innovativeness through research in crafting projects and programs to achieve the quality of life and nation-building
  3. Accomplishes the assigned tasks and responsibilities with proficiency and creativity
  4. Exhibits mastery of self and refinement in words and actions with a sense of homor
  5. Shows decisiveness and firmness in managing comflict situations to strenghten relationships
  6. Lives out the spirit of gratitude and stewardship in the management of human, material, and finacial resources
  7. Integrates mind, heart, hands, and habits for efficiency and effectiveness by humanizing technology