MSN Enrollment Procedure

College On-line Enrolment means that the encoding of courses by a regular student, whose academic courses have been pre-advised by the respective Dean/Program Chairperson, can be done wherever there is Internet access, even off-campus, considering the procedures below:

Step-by-Step Procedure (Old HED  & Graduate School students Online Enrollment)

  1. Go to the College website at

  1. At  the Online Services tab click Student Online Portal .
  2. Log-in using your student number and password.

  1. Click On-line Enrollment.

  1. Fill up blank fields:
    1. Year Level
    2. Enter your email address (required)
    3. Enter your Cell Phone number (required)
  2. Click the Subjects you want to enroll.
    1. For block sections, just click the appropriate Course Code: eg: BSN-1A
    2. For irregular students, select the appropriate subject Code: eg: RE-101-A
  3. Click View Matriculation Button.

  1. Click Save and Send to Dean’s Office for Approval.

Please note:

 *You may click Back to Subject Selection if changes will be made. *A text message will be sent to the Dean informing of a pending Enrollment Approval.

  1. Approval of On-line Enrolment.

Please note:

        *You will receive a text message once your enrolment has been approved by the Office of the Dean.

  1. Payment at the Accounting Office or bank transfer.
Concordia College Bank Accounts   
  • BPI Account#: 3223-3882-98 
  • Metrobank Account#: 231-323150463-0

IMPORTANT: For a successful Online Enrolment you are advised to settle your accounts and upload your proof of payment at or email at

  1. Verification of payment and Confirmation of successful Online Enrolment.

Please note:

*You will receive a text message verification of your payment and confirmation that you are officially enrolled.

  1. Print your registration form. This serves as your Certificate of Matriculation/ Registration with the school.
Accounting Email:
Registrar Email:
ICET Email: